The end-to-end platform built to power the world.

Real challenges exist with connecting increasingly savvy customers and renewable generation sources to aging electricity grids. Proton was built to solve them.

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Products and Services

Innovative Technology

Proprietary, cloud-based tech that simplifies energy operations and streamlines processes.

Real-Time Insights and Adaptability

Dynamic energy landscapes and behind-the-meter technologies to empower customers through pioneering UX.

Micro-services and Data Integration

Limitless flexibility and scalability through intuitive architecture. Update and expand features seamlessly.

Ancillary Support Services

Comprehensive operational management services designed by industry leaders.

Innovative Technology

Expert support including product structuring, asset management, and compliance.

Proton Business Process Outsourcing

The pathway to operational freedom and flexibility.

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Proton provides its partners with the backing they need to offer innovative products and services with a modern customer experience.

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